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now we drive the night

to the ironies of peace

Nervous Subject
22 September
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Lena/Liam. Seventeen. Virgo. Writer. Lover of music and film.
Optimist-realist. Loves life. Gets bored easily. Panics too much. Afraid of everything but roller coasters. Wants to adapt Clive Barker's Undying into a movie and learn how to play the cello.
Avidly watches LOST, Invader ZIM, Arrested Development, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Futurama, the X-Files, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
Loves Alien, Sublime, MirrorMask, Quills, Pirates of the Caribbean, Saw, Brick, the Lord of the Rings, Pan's Labyrinth, Sleepy Hollow, FernGully, and a hundred other movies.
Listens to (way too much) Rasputina, the Dresden Dolls, Regina Spektor, Unfinished Thought, System of a Down, the Birthday Massacre, Björk, Fiona Apple, Evanescence, Mindless Self Indulgence, and a whole lot more.
Will read anything, but particularly loves Dreamcatcher by Stephen King.
Has a load of headvoices who update the journal found here.
The userpics say more than this can.

I LOVE somethingeneral~
aaron covenant, alice in wonderland, alien, amanda palmer, american mcgee's alice, androgyny, aqua teen hunger force, arrested development, art, astrology, barbossa, bats, bender, bisexuality, bonus stage, brad sherwood, brian viglione, brick, bringing down the house, celebrating, chimichangas, cinematography, clive barker's undying, colin mochrie, comedy, cooking, cotton candy, dadr, dark chocolate, davy jones/calypso, deception pass, destroy all humans, dib, disney movies, dr. perry cox, dreamcatcher, dreams, eating, ellen degeneres, english, evanescence, fan fiction, film, fiona apple, fiona/klaus, foamy the squirrel, food, futurama, gameshows, genetics, germany, ghosts, gob bluth, good eats, green tea, h.p. lovecraft, headvoices, hhg2g, holly brewer, homosexuality, horror, house m.d., humanwine, imperfection, improv, insanity, invader zim, japan, johnny depp, laughing, lenore, lingo, living dead dolls, lord of the rings, lyrics, m. night shyamalan, master shake, match game, mental disorders, mexican cuisine, millions of movies, mirrormask, monopoly, moulin rouge, movies, multiplicity, music, music videos, musicals, nature, new zealand, nicholas megalis, norrington/aziraphale, norrington/elizabeth, ohio, pan's labyrinth, parodies, pilz-e, pirates of the caribbean, random stuff, rasputina, rats, regina spektor, religion, rocky horror, rufus wainwright, ryan/colin, saw, science, scrubs, series of unfortunate events, shaun of the dead, silent hill, singing, slash, sleeping, snakes on a plane, soundtracks, stephen king, system of a down, t.a.t.u., tartan, tenchi muyo, tent: xi, the cello, the cheshire cat, the da vinci code, the dresden dolls, the drums, the food network, the janitor, the libertine, the occult, the paranormal, the piano, the sims 2, the smashing pumpkins, the x-files, theatre, unfinished thought, v for vendetta, vampires, veggie burgers, video games, whose line, writing, zadr, zebras, zombies