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here be a subject.

Not to change the subject so quickly, but...
Here's an icon meme. because it's actually quite fun. 8D;

Default Icon:
Just changed it to that today. I love that picture of Amanda and I felt like the icon I made of it... sort of fit my journal. Therefore it was DEFAULT'D. :3

Oldest Icon:
HAHA. Even when I went through a bought of hating LOST, I just couldn't delete that icon. Because that song owns all. And the icon is easy to use, so. THERE.

Newest Icon: & & &
That is, not counting the default icon. Because I uploaded all five of those icons at once. 8D Anyway, here we have Juliet and Daniel from LOST... they're two of my favorite characters and I didn't have ANY ICONS OF THEM. ;_; SO. DLKDS. SO NOW I DO. And the other two icons are obviously of the Whose Line cast. I made them because I needed more WLiiA icons, okay? OKAY!

Saddest Icon: & &
I'm having a hard time picking just one, so far. ROFL. Anyway, I'd say these are the saddest ones I've got... just because of the mood they set. I always use the Hitchhiker's Guide one when I've got something more somber to say, I know that. And the Gollum one just... I don't know. It reminds me of the Two Towers which is a sad movie really. And of course... Satine's pretty self-explanatory. so. :3;

Happiest Icon: &
LMFAO. THAT FIRST ONE is among my favorite icons EVER. Jeez. And the second one... hmm, I don't know. It just reminds me of things. :3 that make me happy. ROFL.

Angriest Icon: & & &
Here I go again not picking just one. Um. First one? Well, Tialypso is pissed off, you guys. And the second one's just my favorite "angry" icon... in the world. ROFL. Last two are pretty self-explanatory. ;D I've never used that "stop breathing" one, though... because it seems a bit harsh. But you know, that's Nny's shirts for you. LMFAO.

Cutest Icon: & &
That first one might crack me the hell up, but it's still a GIRAFFE. ....RUNNING. AND FALLING. So it's the cutest thing, too. ROFL. Second's REALLY SELF-EXPLANATORY. D: And so's the third. <3

Sexiest Icon:

Most Humorous Icon: & &
Okay, do I have to explain any of these? I mean, that sheep icon... I peed when I first saw it. Peed. ON YOUR MOM. That second one I tend to mimick at inappropriate times. And I'm in love with Jacob... whoever he is. So. So, there's that too.

Favourite Ship Icon:
OT3. :l ...in other words, I don't have one. LMFAO.

Icon You Use The Most: &
This one stumped me... BUT! I think these two are pretty much my most used, when it comes to comments. :3 Otherwise, I'm at a loss. ROFL. I really don't knowww. Quite a few get used pretty frequently, I guess.

Favourite Icon You Made: & &
Okay, the first two are just... AWESOME. LMFAO. *pats self on back* I love the textures I used. AND THEY'RE IZ ICONS, OKAY. D: I NEVER see those anymore. So good WORK, SELF!!! ...oh and the last one... I don't know. The colors are pretty rad. So there.

Favourite For The Moment:

Favourite Overall:

If I ever delete any of these icons, this meme will become DEFECTIVE because of the links. D: OH WELL!!

I'd love to see other people do this meme. :3

I found another one. ROFL. I WANTED TO DO IT, but I didn't want to make another entry. Here is my solution.

Watch out for LOST spoilers. Technically outdated ones, but still.

Look at your LJ userpics list. If you have fewer than 50 icons, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five icons, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five icons, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List each one in your LJ, and tell everyone exactly why you have it, why it's interesting to you, what significance it has.

Okay, well. I love Davy Jones. That's probably quite obvious, if you know me well enough. :D And this is the... first icon I uploaded of him, I think. And it's animated in a way that isn't annoying or stupidly repetitve! 8D So I like that.
It doesn't have any real significance to me... other than how it's Davy. D: And sometimes you just need an icon that says "DO NOT MESS" on it. C'mon.

I saw someone use this at a random community, once. I didn't think to look at their userinfo and see who made the icon. Nope, I just took it. ROFL. D: But I REALLY loved the coloring... and I just feel so much like Alice in this icon. So what was I to do, really? :3
I use this icon a lot when I feel awkward... or unique in some way. It's one of those icons I don't ever see myself deleting. 8D

LMFAO. OKAY. I've NEVER used this icon, and I have no idea why. It really cracks me up. I've gotten sick of "ORLY?" jokes, but... Jesus, it's Zaphod Beeblebrox making a face, okay. It's perfect. ;3 That's all.

...well, it's Jack! Telling a rock/crab to shoo! 8D That part of the movie really made me giggle just because of HOW he says it. It's not like, "SHOO! >O" ...it's more of an uncertain, "...shoo." And having an icon of that is important to me. LMFAO. I mean. >o Sometimes you just gotta tell someone to SHOO, OKAY.

Ah, a Good Omens quote. I don't know why I don't have more GO icons, actually, but this one's a grand one to use when you're feeling kind of defeated. We all need an icon like that, right?
Thing is. There were a LOT of "buggre alle this" icons to choose from. ...and I ended up with this one because it was the most unique, what with the yellow color and tree branches. :3 So I rather like that aspect of it.

ROFL. Well, I wanted a Johnny the Homicidal Maniac icon... and this one just fit my mood at the time. Damn. Even if it is, as I've formerly mentioned, a bit harsh. 8D;
I bet some people are like, "HOW IS THAT FROM JTHM. :l" ...but it was on one of Nny's shirts. :3 So nobody actually said it or anything. IT'S A TRICKSY HOBBIT, YOU SEE. >O
...oh, I also love how it's pink. So contradictory.

...it's a perfectly cropped icon with great colors. That and I thought a Nightmare Before Christmas icon was fitting enough for my journal. So there's really no story behind it other than that. :3

Oh. Well, see. I uploaded this when I first started getting back into LOST. And the only two reasons I really got reinitiated into that fandom... are John Frickin' Locke and Benjamin Fuckin' Linus (yes, Locke gets a frick and Benry gets a fuck LMFAO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?). ...SO. LMFAO. I saw an icon with both of them on it and I was like. yes. Also, it says "DEFEND THE ISLAND" on it... and man. I love that island.

Well, back in the day, I wanted to be Meg when I grew up. So I thought an icon of her wouldn't hurt. 'sides the light texture and coloring? REALLY PRETTY. Just don't know when I'll get an opportunity to use this icon. D:

LMFAO HAHA I'M GONNA CHEAT. And do the counting again... on the "UPLOAD" screen. ;3 The count changes a bit on that screen, you seeeeee...

HORWARD, BABY!! :3 Well. On Whose Line is it Anyway (best show ever, go watch it now), there was this one incident which involved a malfunctioning electric keyboard... so while Wayne was trying to do a song about "Howard" from the audience... the BPM skyrocketed. LMFAO. And instead of the music going "dun dun dun~" it was more like... "DUNDUNDUDNFJARNKFNN~!!!!" LMFAO SO WAYNE had to sing REALLY FAST. And he was parodying the Village People and the YMCA song... so he was spelling Howard's name out... and added an extra R. 8D
Yeah, that's it. That's the only reason I like that icon, really. ;3

To be honest with you... this icon just really refuses to be deleted. Every single time I try to... I think twice and keep it. I don't really LIKE the icon, per se, it just... it's got a mind of its own. D: The coloring and lack of sharpness kinda irks me, but. LMFAO here it is anyway.

FOR SOME REASON, this is the only icon I have of my dearest James Norrington! And it's not even that good. LMFAO. But... I needed a "*sigh*" icon... and who better to sigh than Norrybutt?
LMFAO that sounded funny. ;_;

I keep landing on icons I can pick on. LMFAO. D: I mean I love this icon because it's of Davy and Calypso's heart locket... and ;_; I ADORE those two. and their relationship. So I use this icon to represent love.
...but it is just way too blue. ROFL.
Nicely cropped, though, I will say. 8D

I LOVE this drawing and I love this icon. I just. I could say so much about this one. It's mainly because of the drawing, though. ROFL. It's just so SUPERB. D: What with the window... and the snake. ghagohgl. YES.
The little bit of text at the top just sets it all off. I mean, this icon was my default for a REASON. D: It's just so nice.
...it's obviously of Aziraphale and Crowley, just... so you know. LMFAO.

LMFAO!! I saw someone use this at a LOST community. It made me crack the hell up. See, on LOST... there is this ominous character "Jacob." We're not really sure who or what he is, because only Ben can see or hear him (or so Ben says 8D since Locke and Hurley have both seen or heard him too >_>). So ALLEGEDLY... Ben gets his orders from this Jacob guy. Who resides in a cabin that you can't find (it finds YOU!!). And sits in a chair. And is invisible.
...so now I can just blame everything I do on him, just like Benryboy does.

HAHA. Okay, Monty Python and the Holy Grail isn't my favorite movie, but it did have some grand points... including this God thing. And adding "GOD SAYS: STFU" to it all? Ahh. It is an icon made for me. Truly.
Not to mention, the colors are REALLY nice. I love how the gold pops out, while the red and white still calm it.

To be honest, I thought I had deleted this icon. LMFAO. It's of Ben from LOST. Of course it is. I like the green in it. Uh, and the episode the screencap comes from, too. Since it is, in fact, a Ben-centric episode. In which he kills the Dharma Intiative. 8D HOH BOY.
I have no real use for this icon, though, even if it is kind of pretty.

Arwen Undómiel is one of the greatest characters in all of the Lord of the Rings. I love that girl so very, very much. I needed an icon to express this love, you see. :3 But honestly, Arwen's like a role model of mine. Full of hope and love... I just look up to that~
And this icon's really pretty due to its muted purple and orange colors. :3

okay, done now.

HAHA. Both entries I've made today... include Sawyer on the mood icons. This is just as bad as that time when he was talking to me through my calendar. ...LMFAO. D: Sawyer.




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Mar. 29th, 2008 12:09 am (UTC)
AKWEHRBFLMFFDSFAOAIWUERAHR <-- find the hidden LMFAO. its a word game

this makes me want a paid account LMFAO. cause i want to do this but, i can only have like 15 :l I SHOULD ACTUALLY CHEAT AND JUST USE ALL THE ICONS SAVED ONTO MY COMPUTER :D like a BUTT

LMFAO my favorite one of yours would have to be the ORLY?!?!? ONE.
LMFAO I LOVE LOOKING AT YOUR ICONS THOUGH!!! it's so much fun like a bun :3
Aug. 18th, 2008 11:38 pm (UTC)
OMG I love your Good Omens and Hitchhiker's ones. D: And Regina is so cute, I need to figure out how to color like that btw I randomly stumbled across your journal and I'm Carrie. I'm awesome (not really). And I'm totally going to friend you so friend me back because otherwise I'll lower your self-esteem (you stupid jerk!)
Aug. 23rd, 2008 05:54 am (UTC)

...actually, can I ask you a weird question that'll make you think I'M weird? :c I'LL TAKE THAT AS A YES. 8D

So, I googled my very old FF.net username, earlier today, just because I was bored, and... I came across THIS story which thanked me (IrkenJedi22) for inspiration. ...this struck me as odd, because I had no idea who the author was. But after a bit of examination, I realized that, back in 2002, the author had reviewed one of MY stories at FF.net, so there you go.

...however -- and this is where the question comes in -- I am rather nosy, so I googled the author's e-mail address, and... 8D; I came across their old DeviantArt account... which led to their NEW one... WHICH... goes by the name of "lefthandedpenguin".

...so my question is: WOW DID YOU REVIEW ONE OF MY INVADER ZIM STORIES BACK IN 2002?! LMFAO. D: If you did, that's probably the STRANGEST THING in the entire world, okay.

ROFL SORRY I'VE... WASTED YOUR TIME WITH THAT STORY, but man. I had to share it. It was a wee bit weird.

Also, I will indeedy add you back on here, but I don't write here anymore. :3 rofl just at my InsaneJournal which is heeeeere, SO YES. WE SHALL BE IN CONTACT. ...*DIES because she makes too long of comments wowow*
Aug. 23rd, 2008 01:40 pm (UTC)
OMG You're Lena aren't you?? ;__; And yeeeessss that is soooo my fanfic. THAT IS PROBABLY LIKE... THE WEIRDEST THING EVER. OOOOMG. D: Omg, like six years ago. how crazy. x3 Omg that is some epic detective work to like... track every place on the internet that I've been for the last six years. x'D Omg that's really crazy. xD
Sep. 6th, 2008 02:46 pm (UTC)
ROFL YES, I AM LENA. D: also, I'm sorry I'm such a frickin' creep, tracking you down through that story like that, LMFAO. I JUST have an insatiable curiosity running through me, sometimes. :c but yes.

also, sorry for the late replies. I forget about LJ every so often, lmao. D=
Mar. 20th, 2009 04:18 am (UTC)
hey lena its me becky i had 2 start another journal
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